Manicured Nails

Today I had some free time and my nail polish was chipping so I thought it would be the perfect excuse to treat myself to a new manicure. I don't have any time to get my nails done professionally during the week, which means I have to do it myself. Here is a step-by-step guide on how I do my nails.

Step 1:

I find it best to lay out all of my materials I will be using before I start doing my nails so then I can do everything in one go in front of the TV and no get distracted.

I start off by removing any previous nail polish from my nails with any nail polish remover I have at the time. At the moment I have Boots Clean off Nail Polish Remover, I use this with normal cotton pads. I then wash my hands with warm water to get rid of any residue left on my nails and hands and also to soften my cuticles.

Step 2:

I then file back my nails, they had to be short today as I have to play netball on Saturday. It is best to file your nails in the same direction every time to reduce the risk of damaging your nail.

Next I take the cuticle tool and push back my cuticles. I then use the reverse side of the cuticle tool to remove any dirt from underneath my nails (gross I know!). I now just massage some of my Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream. I let this settle and soak into my hands for a bit so it works best.

Step 3:

Now to start painting, I start off with my Essie base coat, only 1 coat is needed. The base coat is designed to strengthen your nails and also keep the nail varnish on your nails for longer.

Next is the colour, today I am using a light pink french manicure colour to keep it subtle. the colour is "Rimmel London French Manicure". I use 2 coats of this to make the colour slightly stronger.

Finally I top off the nails with Essie top coat, this seals off the nail and prevents the nail polish from pealing and means it stays on for longer.

This is my day to day nail look, because it doesn't look like I'm wearing nail polish but it protects my nails because in the winter they are very weak and peel easily.

Have a lovely day

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