Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Haul #1

I went shopping today and I made a few cheeky are some pictures of what I got!

My main purchases
The first shop I went into was Zara, I got 3 items of clothing here

Black Jumper
The first was an oversized Black jumper, I'm not sure what is written on the jumper but I just got it to bum around in during the day at home. This jumper was reduced from £22.99 to £5.99

T-shirt Dress
The next thing I got was a T-shirt dress, it is a silky material at the front and the back is just a plain black cotton material. This dress was £19.99  to £9.99

The last clothing purchase I got was a simple T-shirs, it was the only item of clothing I got which wasn't in the sale. 

T-shirt Pattern
The T-shirt has a red and black Yin and Yang symbol on the front, it has a slightly rubbery feel to it. the sleeves are folded up at the top which adds a more feminine feel to it. This was £15.99, I think it was in the "new items" department in Zara. 

I went to Boots next on the hunt for a new round barrel brush. I got a barrel brush and a Scrunchie hair tie for my hair. 
Hair Brush
Hair Brush Packaging
             The brush is from Goody, I got it because it had a mixture of bristles. The hair brush is good and ideal for thick hair because it actually gets through it! I use this hairbrush when I blow-dry my hair, the brush allows me to get a lovely curl in the tips of my hair, which I love as it adds more texture to my hair. £12.99

Next up I got a Scrunchie, it is black velvet from Boots it was around £4.99. I really like this Scrunchie because it can give you a whole different style to your look and possibly make it more vintage or 'indie'.

Scrunchie in Hair

Last up was Waterstone's (book store). I needed a new book to read and I thought I would read The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks. I decided to read this because I watched the movie the other day and I thought it would be a very cute read. £7.99

The Notebook

Have a lovely day

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